Short- “Lonely Hearts in Outer Space” by JH Haseltine

3 Comments 13 February 2012

Spotlight on John Henry Haseltine’s avante-garde short film “Lonely Hearts in Outer Space.”

By Daniel Barron


The IMDb summary for John Henry Haseltine’s surreal 2010 short film, “Lonely Hearts in Outer Space” describes the plot as “a vintage sci-fi film about love, pornography, and destroying robots in outer space.”  Depending on what relishes your hot dog, it’s safe to say that it features at least two of the above.  Haseltine, 24, is coy about interpreting his work and I’m respectful enough not to probe him, though he does describe it as “an interpretation of the Adam and Eve story.”  It’s Genesis as a wet kiss to David Lynch, sci-fi schlock, garage punk, and Russ Meyer skinsploitation flicks.

At 22-years-old, Haseltine shot the film in his mother’s garage in a single day after many months of preparation.  He not only wrote and directed it but also edited, provided the narration voice-over, composed the score, and built the sets and many of the props, himself.

His next short, “The Land of Cain”, about a pair on a mysterious expedition in the woods, is currently in the editing stages and will debut later this year.

A true renaissance man, Haseltine also plays guitar and provides vocals for the garage punk band Thee Tee Pees.  If you hate things like production value and like your punk encrusted in a thick layer of grime, hop on over to the band’s Facebook page.  You can also reach Haseltine by e-mail at


NOTE: Watch YAY! LA Editor Daniel Barron make his electric screen debut as an eyeball monster.






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3 Comments so far

  1. Sean says:

    crazy, but in an awesome way

  2. Hartman says:

    Crazy good psychoanalytical commentary on the multi-faceted and complex depth underlying decapitory compulsion. Bravo.

    How was Holyoak involved?

    • Daniel Barron says:

      Thanks, Dave. I’m not sure what Neil had to do with it. Moral support, maybe? I helped build the sets, played the eyeball monster, and was originally supposed to supply the opening voice-over. It was a lot of fun working on it and I just saw a rough cut of John-Henry’s next film. It’s great! I hope to be able to host that, as well.

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